Know Coimbra and its University: World Heritage of Humanity

Coimbra, “the first capital of the kingdom for almost two centuries, during the reigns of the first monarchs, was given a new visibility by the foundation of the University, which led to the formation of an urban nucleus full of noteworthy buildings”. Located in the Centre of Portugal and currently the capital of the District, Coimbra still “has its very own special mystique, as a result of a past full of important events and of the memories of the many thousands of Portuguese living around the country or abroad, who remember their youth years as University students. more
The University of Coimbra, that is celebrating this year its 725th anniversary, is one of the oldest Universities in Europe and a reference of excellence in the domains of research, teaching and promotion of the Portuguese language and culture. Holder of an architectonic heritage, a history, and a secular identity and knowledge, the University of Coimbra, recently (2013) recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity, currently, associates Tradition with Innovation as bulwarks of its identity and the role it assumes in Portugal and in the World.

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